Director’s code of conduct

The Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited (ACEN) is a recognised national professional not-for-profit organisation that provides strategic leadership for work-integrated learning (WIL) in Australia for its members and other stakeholders. Its mission is to lead the advancement of WIL in Australia in the areas of research, scholarship and practice, through collaboration with the tertiary education sector, students, industry, community and government.

Every Director is required to comply with this Code of Conduct (as varied by the Board from time to time). This Code of Conduct should be read in conjunction with the ACEN Constitution and aims to assist Directors in effectively carrying out their duties and responsibilities. A failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in a Director being removed from the Board.


It is expected that Directors will:

  • take responsibility for contributing in a constructive, courteous and positive way to enhance good governance and the reputation of ACEN;
  • act ethically, with honesty and integrity, in the best interests of ACEN at all times;
  • take responsibility to contribute actively to all aspects of their individual role within the Board;
  • attend a minimum number of board meetings as specified in the ACEN Constitution;
  • make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly, considering all available information;
  • treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard to their interests, rights, safety and welfare;
  • not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, members of the public and/or employees;
  • contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive board environment/culture through professional relationships; and
  • not make improper use of their position as a Director to gain advantage for themselves or for any other person.

Communication and official information

It is expected that Directors will:

  • not disclose official information or documents acquired through membership of the Board, other than as required by law or where agreed by decision of the Board;
  • not make any unauthorised public statements regarding the business of ACEN;
  • support and adhere to the formal decision of the Board made in its meetings; and
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information as it pertains to individuals.

Financial accountability

It is expected that Directors will:

  • be accountable for official expenditure;
  • adhere to Financial Procedures as approved by the Board; and
  • act in a financially responsible manner, applying due diligence to the scrutiny of financial reports, audit reports and other financial material that come before the Board.

Conflict of Interest

It is expected that Directors will:

  • disclose any personal or business interests which may give rise to actual or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • declare any conflict of interest between personal business and their duty as a Director;
  • ensure personal or financial interests do not conflict with their ability to perform official duties in an impartial manner; and
  • where conflicts of interest do arise, ensure they are managed in an appropriate and timely manner in the interest of ACEN.

Approved at ACEN Board meeting October 2016