3. Case Studies

Five case studies (one from each partner university) were developed to document experiences and practice in the discipline areas of built environment, business and health.  A table providing an overview of the case studies is available here.

The case studies incorporate data gathered through university data systems and key findings from the student surveys and staff interviews. The case studies provide an insight into evidence of student diversity and inclusive WIL practice in these disciplines including procedures and processes for encouraging student to participate in WIL. These accounts also raise questions what is known about the student cohort; what cohort data is available at institution and national level; the potential benefits of access to cohort data and the challenges in making it accessible.

Case studies, by discipline, are available for download below:

Built Environment Case Studies

  •  Queensland University of Technology
  •  Curtin University

Business Case Studies

  • Griffith University
  • Macquarie University

Health Case Study

  • Southern Cross University