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Across the project a series of symposia were held. The purpose of the symposia were twofold. Firstly, they were an important part of building a community of practice, fostering understanding and engagement with issues related to access and equity in WIL, and therefore are a tangible expression of the WIL community’s commitment to this topic. Secondly, the symposia were points of verification and data collection for the various stages of the project.  Each symposium was delivered in conjunction with Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN) events, facilitating access to wider participation.  A total of 108 people participated in the project’s symposia.

 Title  Date  Location  Further Info
Contemporary Challenges in WIL 15 June 2015 University of Sydney Summary
Principles and guidelines to support inclusive WIL:  Evidence from the disciplines of business, health and urban development 2 October 2014 2014 ACEN Conference Summary
What stops students accessing, participating and progressing in WIL? 16 April 2014 Griffith University


Inclusive WIL Challenges