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WIL Leadership Vignette 19:

Creating resources for WIL experiences in teaching and learning



Dr Rachael Hains-Wesson
Deakin University

What was learned from this:

  • To always be prepared to not have all the answers to everyone’s questions and to allow others to contribute as much as possible.
  • There is still confusion between WIL placement and WIL assessment and what these means with authentic assessment and therefore further research and discussion need to take place.

Context of the event, experience or activity:

Courses (programs) that do not embed professionally recognised placements into student learning often struggle to engage students in WIL activities because it is difficult to target the learning in the same way that pre-service teaching or nursing can. In particular, it is difficult to imagine the assessment required to evidence student learning in discipline related but very diverse placement options.

Description of the event, experience or activity:

This activity was organised to create an engaging platform for discussion on how to imagine WIL assessment in non-placement courses. The discussion took place for an hour with academics from Business and Law at Deakin. Practice-based experts were also invited to take part in the discussion and a 'Prezi' resource was created in order to showcase best WIL practice.


  • Discussions took place on a shared understanding of WIL assessments and placement opportunities.
  • Improved academic understanding that current assessment activities were in fact WIL and left with a better appreciation of how to assess WIL outcomes.

Dr Rachael Hains-Wesson, Lecturer of eLearning, Learning Innovations Group, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University: Rachael’s teaching and research interests encompass Work Integrated Learning, assessment and design and ePortfolios as practice and pedagogy. Rachael facilitates and supports Faculty capacity building, the Course Enhancement Process and works closely with Learning Innovations' colleagues to support staff with CloudDeakin. Rachael has received various awards and commissions for her work, and more recently she has received a (joint) ACEN Research Grant to promote Work-integrated Learning at Deakin.





Last Update: 23 April, 2014
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