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WIL Leadership Vignette 02:

CQuniversity Multimedia Studies and Community Volunteers



Dr Ashley M Holmes
Central Queensland University

Context of the event, experience or activity:

Collaborative Multimedia Project is a two-term long capstone experience. It provides authentic WIL experiences for teams of up to five students according to a hybrid of the service learning and consultancy studio models. A unique aspect is that the course is offered in distance mode and team members usually collaborate virtually and in some cases will never meet each other, their client, or their academic supervisor in real life face to face.

Conservation Volunteers recruits volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to join important environmental and wildlife conservation projects.

Description of the event, experience or activity:

In 2013 a team of three students produced a 3 minute promotional video and an iPad app promoting the Hay Point Foreshore Revegetation Project which is a project of Community Volunteers CQ (Mackay) office and corporate sponsors BMA.

This follows on from a successful video documentation of Community Volunteers activities at Gladstone in 2012 (see


The video promotes the organisation to prospective volunteers. The development of the iPad App demonstrated the potential for an application to provide broad-based-corporate communication and also location-specific project information based on geo-position or QR codes.

This emergent relationship is proving to be win-win-win for students, Conservation Volunteeers and stakeholders.

Dr Ashley M Holmes is a Senior Lecturer in Multimedia Studies at Central Queensland University





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