Leading WIL: A distributed approach to Work Integrated Learning

This website presents the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Leadership Framework developed as an outcome of the Office for Learning and Teaching project, Leading WIL: A distributed approach to enhance Work Integrated Learning. The goal of this project was to develop:

The project used a collaborative approach to building this understanding and the development of the WIL Leadership Framework


Framework Overview

Possible Framework Uses

Framework Layers

Framework Context

Framework Domains

Framework Vignettes

Project Documents

Project Team

Project Acknowledgments


Last Update: 9 May, 2014
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Office for Learning & Teaching Project Reference: LE11-2084 (2011)\

Title: Leading WIL: distributed leadership approach to enhance work integrated learning outcomes

Partners: Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN), Central Queensland University, Deakin University, Griffith University, RMIT University, University of Western Sydney, Victoria University. Project Lead: Ms Carol-Joy Patrick (Griffith University, Australia). © Copyright 2014

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