ACEN 2020 Conference EoI

ACEN 2020 Conference EoI

Invitation to submit a proposal to host the 2020 ACEN Conference

ACEN will be holding a conference in 2020 and universities in the eastern states are invited to submit a proposal for the hosting of the event.

The proposal must reach ACEN by Friday, March 29, 2019 and it will be considered at the Board meeting scheduled for April 3, 2019.

Global Professional Development for WIL practitioners

Global Professional Development for WIL practitioners

Online study with international colleagues

Three modules being offered early in 2019

  • Global Perspectives in Work-Integrated Learning

    Provides practitioners the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the relationship between WIL and learning theory; and how theory informs WIL from a global perspective.

  • Industry/Community Engagement for WIL

    Provides practitioners the opportunity to further their understanding the fundamental importance of industry/community engagement for WIL and to improve strategies to enhance this engagement.

  • Dimensions of Quality for WIL – new module for 2019

    Provides practitioners with the opportunity to explore the concept of quality in a WIL context from the perspective of all stakeholders and to reflect on practice and identify improvements to the quality of WIL programs.

Expressions of interest close on 18th February, 2019.

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Careers Adviser (Curriculum & ePortfolio) – UQ

Careers Adviser (Curriculum & ePortfolio) – UQ

Careers Adviser (Curriculum & ePortfolio)

This is a full-time, continuing or fixed term appointment at HEW Level 7 at St Lucia

This position supports and delivers Career Development Learning (CDL) activities and resources to enhance the employability of UQ’s students.  As a Curriculum and ePortfolio Specialist, this role will work in partnership with academics, the Institute of Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI), and the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Coordinator to identify and develop CDL opportunities within the curriculum. The Adviser plays a key role in raising awareness of, and supporting students’ use of, ePortfolio as part of employability enhancement at UQ.